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Posted: October 10, 2010 in Homepage

I can handle most computer repairs for $40.  I can fix your computer if its slow, freezing, crashing or has a virus/malware.  I can install more memory to speed up your computer, install software remotely, replace your harddrive, backup your important files.  I also setup wireless networks, wireless printing in your home or at your location. I have 10 years of experience in the computer help desk repair and do this in my spare time after my normal day job.  I work for Waverly School District 145 as their IT Specialist and am responsible for several hundred computers, laptops and servers. References are available upon request.

Note: Due to time limitations I do not repair laptop LCD screens or laptop Motherboard issues. If an issue is deemed to be one of these 2 problems I bill for my time invested which would be $20-40 max.

$40 for most repairs

$20 to install memory on PCs and most laptops plus cost of memory

$20 – $40 to backup your files, price depends on amount to backup

$5 each way for in-home/pickup or at your location to cover travel & travel time (Lincoln Area Only)

Note: I bill upfront for parts/software due to not carrying any inventory. I prefer to bill my upfront cost via PayPal.com as it is easiest and only except payment via PayPal with Bank Accounts. I get charged a fee if a credit card is used and in turn add that back to the final repair price.

Phone: (402) 817-0360
Cell: (402) 910-0068


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Remote Repair – I use an application called TeamViewer, just download and run, no need to install. When I am done just delete the file you downloaded and no traces are left on your PC. Here is a link to the download site: Teamviewer.com


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